Call Out for 2017-2019 Directors!

A Call Out for 2017-2019 Directors!
Your BIA is gearing up for your Annual General Meeting April 5th at CJ’s Southwestern Bar and Grill.  Join us from 12pm – 1pm for a light lunch and the voting in of your 2017-2018 Directors.
If you would like to submit a name for the consideration of the nominating committee please make sure the following materials are completed, signed and delivered to the BIA office no later than 12 noon, Wednesday March 29th.

All these nomination materials may be shared online and with the members-at-large if the nominating committee adds you to the election slate.

Joining the BIA Board is a creative and effective way to bring real change to the downtown business improvement area, it is also big commitment of time and energy.  We want to make sure you know what you’re signing up for before you go through the nomination process.  Please read through the following links before you complete your nomination materials.
The call for nominees will be open until one week before the April 5th AGM, with all completed nomination materials due no later than noon Wednesday March 29th.
The nomination committee will review all the nomination submissions and those who are qualified will be put on the election slate for the April 5th AGM:  12pm – 1pm at CJ’s Southwestern Bar and Grill.  No nominations will be accepted from the floor and only members, or their pre-approved authorized representatives, may vote at the AGM.
The nomination committee is looking to bring up to five (5) new directors to the board for 2-year terms.  They will be assessing nominees on their previous experience serving on boards, their experience in leadership roles, their skill sets and accreditation, and finally, on how each nominee would enrich the diversity represented on the current board.  The nominating committee will contact you after 12 noon Wednesday March 29th to let you know if you will invited to an interview with the nominating committee.  All those who have successful interviews will be added to the election slate and will have their nomination materials shared online by the end of Thursday March 30th.
We thank you in advance for your interest in serving on the WLCBIAA’s Board of Directors.