Enduro 2017

Enduro Window Murals!
You may remember, last year downtown was adorned with mountain biking window murals to celebrate the Enduro Mountain Bike Race, an event that brings upwards of $30,000 into our community leading up to and during the May long weekend:  May 18 – May  21.
Great News!  Enduro is back again in 2017 – Your BIA asked the BC Enduro team what downtown Williams Lake can do to welcome the participants and fans.  BC Enduro’s Ted Morton said the window murals were a big hit and made the racing community feel welcome – he hopes we can do the murals again.
Your BIA encourages all of you with windows to give a window artist a call and hire them to paint your windows with mountain bike images during the first weeks of April… so we can all enjoy the art work for as long as possible!  Alternatively, why not put a display in your window that centers around a mountain biking theme?
Dwayne Davis has painted the BIA’s windows.  He has agreed to provide Enduro murals in early April for between $100 and $250, depending on the size of window art you want.  He can be reached at dwayne812@outlook.com.

Your BIA will be contacting property owners with empty store fronts to help them cover the costs of Enduro/summer window murals.  We want our downtown looking top notch for all the the upcoming summer events we have planned!  If you know artists who want to do window art, please have them contact the BIA as soon as possible.

Here are some words from BC Enduro’s Ted Morton on how downtown businesses can make the most of the may long weekend.  Maybe there are some ideas here that work for your business.
“Last year I had an overwhelming response from riders on how warm their reception was at all the local businesses.  It seemed everywhere you went, someone asked, “are you in the race!?” followed up by, “You’re crazy”.
Anyways, I think just a little bit of general awareness for the event goes a long way.  If you can let businesses in the area know that although the event is only 1-day, they can expect riders to be in town all weekend.  Here are some helpful hints.
  • If they have a bike rack, please put it out early!
  • Consider allowing riders to bring their bikes into your place of business for security purposes. (Really big for accommodators)
  • Consider purchasing a few bike locks and providing to patrons of your store.
  • Consider opening an hour early and closing an hour later. Riders like to be on the trails by 9:00am and usually finish around dusk/dinner time.
    • Key businesses, like coffee shops, breakfast/dinner shops
    • Grocery stores
    • Bike shops 😉 we’ve got that one covered
    • Restaurants etc.
  • I love the window paintings!!
  • If you have some really bike friendly or bike savvy businesses, let me know and I can include some verbiage about their services in our pre-race newsletter, or include on our website.”
Welcome Back Enduro!