Meet Downtown Williams Lake BIA Director: Bernd Eisele – Treasurer

My name is Bernd Eisele and I have been a long-time resident of Williams Lake.

For the past 35 years I have worked in the field of sales and marketing, have provided my services to organizations, pro-bono and have sat on various not-for-profit boards, including currently at the WLCBIA, as treasurer.

At WLCBIA, I am part of a team that has helped transition the society into a modern, results-based model; replete with an upcoming, exciting, new business plan that will transform downtown Williams Lake into a vibrant, attractive space.

My current role as treasurer of the WLCBIA permits me to not only oversee finances in general but also to be involved in the creation of yearly budgets, cost control, value-based expending and suggesting changes to procurement.

Furthermore, during my tenure at WLCBIA, I have been instrumental in:

  • The implementation of accounting procedures to meet GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
  • The implementation of sound IT (Information Technology) procedures, including cloud storage and cloud computing
  • The implementation of new banking procedures, including mobile banking
  • Setting up a merchant account to be in a position to accept credit/debit cards, including the use of mobile and virtual terminals
  • The procurement of a mobile phone for the purpose of increasing staff accessibility, mobile banking, mobile credit/debit card processing, access to cloud storage/computing and real-time uploading to social media
  • The re-branding of downtown Williams Lake in conjunction with “ION”, of Vancouver, as chair of the branding committee
  • The writing of contracts

I hereby offer to continue my support of the WLCBIA, as director and treasurer