Art Rotation Program

The Cariboo Art Society has a brand new program that puts fine art from local artists into office spaces downtown.  Your BIA office has signed up and we now have beautiful work by Gladys Wheatley and Linda Bachman on our walls.  In three months, the program will supply your BIA office with a completely new collection of art works.  There is no charge to our office and the people who use our offices are getting wonderful exposure to our local artists – and forming relationships with the pieces themselves, which may lead to art purchases at the end of three months.  Our work space, filled with art, is a whole new experience of beauty and inspiration.  What a gift!

Your BIA encourages everyone with an office space to contact Linda Bachman of Cariboo Art Society to get some great local art on your walls.  You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain!

Here is a brief description of the program from artist and program coordinator, Linda Bachman.


CARIBOO ART SOCIETY Presents a new Art Rotation Program opportunity.

We are looking to decorate boring wall spaces in reception, lobbies or board rooms.

Our current membership has paintings and photographs to offer for 3-month-period rotations of our most suitable artists who are ready to showcase.  A meeting will be set up to review the venue space for the artwork, go over our general format for expectations and a convenient date established for installation.   There is not cost and local artwork will refresh those wall spaces.

If there is interest in our Rotation Program please contact

Linda Bachman, Vice President CARIBOO ART SOCIETY