Spirit Carver Dean at Makers Market: Four Direction Festival, July 1 2017

The Four Direction Festival  is proud to welcome Dean Gilpin of Spirit Carver Dean. He will be joining the Makers Market on 3rd avenue from 12pm – 5pm as part of the Four Direction Festival’s July 1st event in Downtown Williams Lake.

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A note from the official Facebook fan page for Carver Kings star Dean Ross.

Dean Ross is an energetic, upbeat house builder who’s been with Pioneer for the past 8 years. But even though he’s proud of his job, there’s still something missing. He wants to be a carver, badly. Now, Dean’s finally getting more opportunities to carve. But when push comes to shove, and 12 hour days turn into all-nighters, will Dean be able to keep up and prove he has what it takes to carve alongside masters like Ken and Pete?