Brenda Wilkinson and Family at Makers Market: Four Directions Fest July 1, 2017

The Four Direction Festival  is proud to welcome Brenda Wilkinson and Family. They will be joining the Makers Market on 3rd avenue from 12pm – 5pm as part of the Four Direction Festival’s July 1st event in Downtown Williams Lake.

Here is a note from Brenda Wilkinson

My 2 sisters and I began quilting just in the last 2 to 3 years. The eldest has also been sewing shorts and jackets. My sister-in-law does necklaces and other crafts in her free time. My daughter-in-law does some sewing, cross stitch and plastic canvas work. Even my granddaughter is beginning to sew! We have been known to do knitting and crochet as well. We have a variety of interests and, therefore, many projects still awaiting completion