Movement Parade 5:30pm – 6:30pm: Four Directions Fest, July 1st

Move through the festival zone in a wild and unruly movement parade led by local fitness-loving superstar Jana Roller.  Test your strength at strong man events (and strong KIDS courses!) featuring truck pulls, tire flips, rock lifts and more!  Bring your favorite self-propelling movement system… legs, hands, bike, trike, blades, board, sled, wheel-barrow, wagon, piggy-back etc. and quest through the festival zone on a great physical adventure.

MEET-UP:  5:30pm at Info Tent at 3rd and Oliver.

MOVEMENT PARADE:  5:30pm – 6:30pm (travelling throughout Festival Zone)

WRAP-UP:  6:30 at Satya Yoga’s outdoor stretching studio on Oliver St.

Decorate yourselves!  Decorate your ride!  All ages welcome!  Wooo-Hoooo!!!!

4.jpg  2.jpg  5.jpg lift-a-horse-300x200.jpg 1.jpg images.jpg   3.jpg  3.jpg  images.jpg   images.jpg   images.jpg  8.jpg  6.jpg