525 Proctor Street, Williams Lake, BC, Canada
525 Proctor Street Williams Lake British Columbia V2G 4J1 CA

Artists: Tiffany Jorgensen and Sarah Sigurdson
Funded by: Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex

We have been involved and spectated all events at our complex and feel the excitement and most of all the dedication and time the families and athletes put into their sports.  Parents of very young children bring their kids to parent/tot skating and as they grow, they spend hours and early mornings every week at practices and tournaments, fundraise to support their children, and give them all the opportunities they can to have fun, broaden their skills, and succeed.
The excitement watching or participating in hockey games, figure skating competitions, and speed skating has an electrifying feel.  We attempted to portray all these vibes into a long, colourful mural emanating the action, dedication, and support from hockey, figure skating, speed skating, and recreational athletes, their families, and fans.  This ice rink mural is a new perspective and we hope it resonates with everyone who steps into the area.
Artistic Notes:
Bright lights backlighting an action packed hockey game span into gracefully beautiful figure skating competitors, then the quiet, pulsating strength of a speed skating race.
A close up of a parent lacing up their child’s figure skates, a coach’s legs and skates playing hockey with a child. Also the cheering hands of a crowd watching a sporting event.
In the background there pans the blurry crowd of a packed arena with spotlights on fans, parents, and individuals who make the magic possible.
We have also included our local star Carey Price to show where you can go if you dream big and work hard.
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