188 1st Ave. N., Williams Lake, BC V2G 1Y8 Canada
188 1st Ave. N. Williams Lake British Columbia V2G 1Y8 CA

Artist: Dwayne Davis, 2004
Funded by: The Williams Lake Tribune


Clive and Irene Stangoe purchased Williams Lake The Tribune from George Renner in 1950 and published the paper for the next two decades from the lower floor of their home situated on Oliver Street. Clive was the publisher and Irene was the community editor. In 1973 The Black family bought The Tribune and moved it to its current location on 1st Ave. North. The Williams Lake Tribune was the first paper purchased by the now huge community newspaper chain Black Press. The cowboy silhouette is from the Tribune Paper’s logo. The Tribune wanted its original location, the Stangoe home, painted in the mural along with cows to symbolize Williams Lake’s western culture. Dwayne pulled the 75th issue of the paper and combined the real content of that issue with his made-up story about Communities in Bloom – a tip-of-the-hat to the organization that initiated the mural program.

Artistic Notes:

The first challenge with this wall was the vent that spewed out black residue. Dwayne decided to cover the vent with the dark figure in silhouette. His next challenge was to make the mural both nostalgic and modern. He achieved this by painting the old Tribune building in a realistic style, and painting a larger-than-life paper sporting a 3D page curl. Dwayne had help from his son Steven who painted the cows, trees, and the silhouette.

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