Four Direction Annual Report

Your BIA recently delivered this Four Direction annual report at the April 2017 AGM.  The report is named after downtown’s Four Direction Festival planned for July 1st (Thank you Geni Mack-Laurie for suggesting the name!), a festival that embraces the First Nations wisdom that we are all part of a greater picture, and the sustainability of this greater picture depends on the harmony and balance in each one of us.  We invite you to have a look and see just what exactly your Downtown Williams Lake BIA is up to!  We think you’ll be very happy to see we’re on track to revitalizing the downtown core.


Your Downtown Williams Lake BIA knows a vibrant and prosperous downtown is the reward we enjoy when we focus our attention on four critical building blocks.

  1. SELF STARTERS: People willing to create great products, experiences and services
  2. PLACE: Defined area designed to support the initiatives launched by self-starters
  3. COMMUNITY: Diverse peoples who claim downtown as their own personal hub
  4. COLLABORATION: Culture of people working together to achieve common goals

Everything we do at the BIA is designed ensure that we have each of these four building blocks in plentiful supply.

  1. How do we support SELF STARTERS?
    • We’re offering opportunities and programs to support and develop the skills and talents of the people who are already, or who want to become, self-starters.
  2. How do we create PLACE?
    • We’re building the visual and physical infrastructure that will support our self-starters, we’re transforming downtown from a space to a “place.”
  3. How do we build COMMUNITY?
    • We’re reaching out to welcome all peoples, of all special interest groups, to invite them to claim downtown as their personal hub.
  4. How do we invite COLLABORATION?
    • We’re helping to build a network of individuals and organizations creatively working together to achieve our common goals.

Four Directions 2017 to 2018