Produce an Event

We produce some downtown events each year, but if we had our way… there would be events downtown every moment of every day all year round!  If you have a downtown event idea that will enliven our streets and bring people into downtown businesses – we want to help you get it launched.

Success Stories

Trick R Treat was launched by local business The Realm of Toys.  Downtown WL is a proud sponsor of this annual Halloween event that brings families and children 12 and under into downtown stores to collect candy and game card stamps.  The event generates good will between the community and our downtown entrepreneurs, while re-introducing local businesses to local consumers.

Race for Kids is an annual fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club.  Downtown WL is a proud sponsor of this event that has teams running madly around the downtown core competing to complete a wild assortment of wacky tasks.  This fundraiser brings vitality to the streets of downtown and connects the teams directly to participating downtown businesses.