150 Oliver St. Unit 1, Williams Lake, BC V2G 1L8 Canada
150 Oliver St. Unit 1 Williams Lake British Columbia V2G 1L8 CA

Treatments are available either in-person, on the body, or remotely from a distance.
Distance work is a strange concept, but like dialing a number on the phone and anticipating that you will be able to talk to the person you intended to on the other end of the line, a person can also be treated from a distance.
Everyone has their own energetic identity, like a finger print, which can be accessed. When I connect to it, simply by stating your name and where you are at, energy flows the same as if I were working on you in my presence.
With distance work, you take the time to relax, lay or sit down with no interruptions, as you would if you were on my massage table. You can be treated from the comfort of your own space, regardless of the distance away, eliminating the time, expense or hassle / inability of travel.

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