101 7th Avenue North, Williams Lake, BC V2G 4T8, Canada
101 7 Avenue North Williams Lake British Columbia V2G 1N1 CA

We are a Certified Drug and Alcohol Collection Site.  Urine Drug, Oral Drug, Oral Alcohol, Breathe Alcohol, Hair Follicle testing as well as DNA Paternity testing.

We provide Fit testing for a variety of Masks and Respirators.  Qualitative and Quantitative  testing on 3M and North Brand.  We provide trained collectors (medics) to job sites in order to have D&A testing readily available if needed.

We are a retail first aid supplier. and ship World Wide .  Our Head office is stocked with many of the items we carry.  Order email or by phone.  Specialty / non-stock items ordered and received in a timely manner.  Products like ZollAed, the lowest cost AED to own and maintain.

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